Dr. Emily Hernandez

Emily J. Hernandez, EdD, is a full-time professor with the Charter College of Education at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Hernandez is the Program Coordinator for the Master’s of Counseling in the School- Based Family Counseling program, a graduate degree training program that integrates the school counseling and child welfare and attendance credentials with the marriage and family therapy training and licensure. She has extensive experience in school counseling, child welfare and attendance, K-12 https://dropoutprevention.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/C.W.-Gardenhire-pic.jpgistration, mental health, and higher education. Areas of expertise include dropout prevention, intervention, and recovery; school attendance; school climate and safety; school bullying; student engagement; and school-based family counseling. A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she works with family systems, victims of trauma, and children with school-related problems in clinical settings and private practice. She serves as a board member for the Institute for School-Based Family Counseling and the Friends of LA County Office of Education.

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