Doris Settles

Doris Settles is interested in many things, but a common thread through all her endeavors is technology. She speaks and writes extensively for national, regional and local organizations on technology, education and other human interest topics. She has taught at the secondary and college levels, incorporating technology into her teaching, adding components as new technologies surfaced, and continues to look at ways technology improves instruction. She developed and taught the first Virtual Freshman Composition sequence at the University of Kentucky, and has consulted with education, social work, mental health, law enforcement, and many others to create safe, supportive and engaged digital citizens. Ms. Settles holds degrees in English, Journalism, and Instructional Design. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband and their Pekingese (surrogate for an empty nest). Ms. Settles has recently authored ‘Virtual Parenting’, a concise, entertaining book that demystifies and empowers adults to join the Digital Society.

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