Deb Dillon

Deb Dillon is the Director of Alternative Programs for the Fargo Public Schools in Fargo, ND. Deb accepted this position when it was created in 2003 following a Program Assessment and Review (PAR) conducted by the National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson University. Deb previously held positions as alternative high school principal, assistant middle school principal, high school dean of students, high school dropout prevention program director, and English and journalism teacher. Over the past six years, the Fargo schools have added a variety of alternative programs (school-within-a-school, online, evening) and are also working to create programs and processes within the traditional schools K-12 to better serve the needs of all students. The graduation rate has risen during that time from 83% to 90%, and the district’s overall dropout prevention program was recognized in 2008 with a Magna Award from the National School Board Association.

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