National Dropout Prevention Center to Host 1st Annual National Trauma-Skilled Schools Conference

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

National Dropout Prevention Center to Host 1st Annual National Trauma-Skilled Schools Conference
Conference Designed to Move Educators’ Trauma Initiatives from Knowledge to Skill

ANDERSON, S.C., April 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The National Dropout Prevention Center, a division of Successful Practices Network, announces the 1st Annual National Trauma-Skilled Schools Conference on June 23-26, 2019, at the Orlando-Lake Buena Vista South Embassy Suites in Kissimmee, Florida. This conference is in response to nationwide requests for additional training and information after the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) and Successful Practices Network (SPN) released its October 2018 publication Improving School Outcomes for Trauma-Impacted Students. The publication identified a trauma action gap in schools and the need for trauma knowledge or sensitivity to be supplemented by educator skills and deliberate actions. The publication introduced the NDPC Trauma-Skilled Schools Model to meet this identified need.

NDPC’s position is that trauma-impacted students constitute a large and growing percentage of students. Trauma is often a root cause of poor behavior, academic failure, and dropout. The 1stAnnual National Trauma-Skilled Schools Conference will address these issues. All sessions at the conference will be conducted by NDPC-trained Trauma-Skilled Faculty and will explore implementation of the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model and its application for practitioners and others who work with at-risk students. Trauma-Skilled Faculty were selected from institutions and organizations nationwide and have received additional in-depth instruction in the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model to supplement their existing expertise in trauma and chronic stress’s impact on cognitive functions and behavior.

“Educators and schools can learn about the effects of trauma and chronic stress, rebuild the resilience that trauma and chronic stress have destroyed, and modify instruction to achieve success for trauma-impacted students,” notes Ray McNulty, President of SPN and of NDPC. “The Trauma-Skilled Schools Model goes beyond trauma knowledge to provide specific steps by which schools can alter climate and practices to achieve success with and graduate students.”

Conference attendees can expect to gain comprehensive knowledge of the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model and the skills to implement the model in their school or district. In addition, conference participation may be applied toward earning NDPC’s Trauma-Skilled Specialist Certification, a national certification program to be announced before the conference.

“The 1st Annual National Trauma-Skilled Schools Conference is designed to focus less on learning about trauma and chronic stress and more on skills and actions to achieve success with stress- and trauma-impacted students,” said Dr. Sandy Addis, Director of the National Dropout Prevention Center. “We realize that educators are not mental health professionals, but they can learn skills and adopt practices that foster success of trauma-impacted and chronically stressed students. This conference sets the stage to create a culture of success for all students.”

Additional information about the 1st Annual National Trauma-Skilled Schools Conference and a registration link is available at

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