PAR (Program Assessment and Review): Behind the Scenes

This Solutions to the Dropout Crisis program will present details related to one district’s Program Assessment and Review (PAR) by the National Dropout Prevention Center. Guests Tiffany Osborne and Leonard Galloway, both middle school principals in Anderson School District Five, Anderson, SC, will share highlights of how their schools and district prepared for team visits, how the weeklong visits went, and what their next steps were afterwards. They will share some ways that they have taken the PAR teams’ feedback and implemented strategies in their schools that have impacted real positive changes.

By the end of the program viewers will be able to answer these questions:

  • What is a PAR?
  • What steps should we take to prepare?
  • How can a PAR or similar review benefit schools anddistricts?




Prezi Presentation: The Keys to a Successful PAR Visit by Tiffany Osborne and Leonard Galloway.

Lakeside Middle School Faculty Survey
This is a survey given to faculty. Users can access, make a copy, and edit as they see fit for their schools. It’s based on the strands from PAR and helps the school give some feedback prior to visit. This is an optional component from the PAR Review we decided to do.

Lakeside Middle School PAR Team Summary
These slides accompany the PAR presentation.

NDPC Anderson District 5: One District’s Story
This video looks at the PAR Review between NDPC and Anderson District 5.

NDPC/N Agency, School, and/or State Program Assessment and Review (PAR) and Program Evaluation Services
More information on the NDPN PAR process.

National Dropout Prevention Center/Network 15 Effective Strategies


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