Graduation Success Initiative: A Full Court Press Approach


In 2011, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS)—one of the largest school districts in the state of North Carolina—developed and implemented the Graduation Success Initiative (GSI). It began as a student-centered districtwide approach to assess each senior’s status in meeting graduation requirements. While maintaining the student-centered focus, the GSI has evolved into an integrated and systematic tool—used by many stakeholders—that promotes graduation integrity and success. The result for CMS has been a significant increase in graduation rates. This presentation will include a brief overview of CMS, the superintendent’s vision, the first year’s creation and implementation of the GSI, the current process, and outcomes.

Viewers of this Solutions program will learn about:

  • The challenges of a large urban school district as it pertains to graduation success
  • Why there was a need for a systematic approach
  • Lessons learned from the first year of implementation
  • The current process
  • Outcomes and successes as a result of the GSI


Extended Version of Program Powerpoint

Graduation checklist: used by counselors in concert with the GSI; the graduation checklist is an assessment of the student’s progress in meeting graduation requirements at a specific time.  pdf

GSI template: fluid monitoring tool



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