Youth Development Challenges in Kenya

This special Solutions presentation—”Youth Development Challenges in Kenya”—combines education and travelogue as two experts on Kenya share perspectives of their work and research in the country on youth development processes and opportunities, and the myriad challenges for students in Kenya’s K-12 educational system.

Dr. Lawrence Allen, has visited Kenya seven times since 2010 as a faculty member, and is currently a visiting professor with Maasai Mara University in Kenya. On this Solutions webcast, Dr. Allen will discuss his work in youth development in Kenya, and the holistic approach taken in delivering skills training in the highly valued areas of small business and entrepreneurship.

Joining Dr. Allen on Solutions is Clemson University PRTM PhD candidate Mr. James Nampushi, a researcher, author, and native Kenyan who is also renowned as a Maasai Warrior. Mr. Nampushi, who recently completed an in-depth, scholarly study of access issues in Kenya, will share his observations of the public and private school system, and the resilience students must possess in the pursuit of their education.

This episode will highlight:

  • The challenges faced in the Kenyan educational system including governance, education and training, youth opportunities, gender disparities, and vulnerable populations;
  • The systemic solutions being implemented in the areas of employment, health, and building efficiency into government; and
  • How culture impacts the ability of children to gain an education in Kenya’s K-12 education system.


Allen, L. R. (2014-2015). Clemson in East Africa—Expanding education & partnerships. [Series of Web logs]. Retrieved from

Nampushi, J., & Welsh, N. (2015). Access issues in Kenyan primary education. ENGAGE: The International Journal of Research and Practice on Student Engagement, 1(2). Retrieved from

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Web site. With one of UNESCO’s global priorities being Africa, there is much related information on this Web site. Kenya has been a member of UNESCO since 1964. See Kenya-specific information at this link:

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