NDPC Presentations, Speeches, and Workshops

Presentation Topics by Sandy Addis

Note:  The following topics are adaptable to time formats ranging from 45-minute general sessions to 3+ hour participatory workshops.  Each of these presentations is typically customized to fit specific audiences and participant groups and to include locally-relevant data, examples, and activities.

  1. Strategies of Addressing the Issue of Childhood Trauma
  2. Building Resiliency to Improve Behavior and Learning of Trauma-Impacted Students
  3. Educator Strategies to Manage Trauma-Induced issues in the Classroom
  4. Lessons Learned from Successful Alternative Programs
  5. Dropout Prevention: Where Are We? What Have We Learned?  What Works?
  6. Leading Graduation Rate Improvement in Your School System and Community
  7. The Local School Board’s Role in Improving Graduation Rates
  8. Applying Effective Strategy Research in the Local Context to Improve Graduation Rates
  9. Lessons Learned from Schools and Districts that Have Improved Graduation Rates
  10. “We’re Working So Hard. Why Aren’t Our Graduation Rated Improving?”
  11. Achieving Maximum Results from Alternative Schools and Programs
  12. Using Professional Development to Improve Graduation Rates
  13. Strategies for School Reentry and Dropout Recovery
  14. Leadership Strategies for Improving Graduation Rates
  15. Leveraging the Community to Improve Graduation Rates
  16. Engaging Families to Improve Graduation Rates
  17. Improving Graduation Rates in the Rural Context
  18. Implementing a Graduation Coach Program for Improved Graduation Rates
  19. Policy and Procedural Considerations for Graduation Rate Improvement
  20. Improving Graduation Rates Among (a specific sub-group or population)
    • Students of color
    • Students with disabilities
    • Immigrant youth
    • Economically disadvantaged students

To discuss schedule speeches, presentations, or workshops by Dr. Sandy Addis or other staff members of the National Dropout Prevention Center, call 864-642-6372.

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