1998 Crystal Star Award Recipients

1998 National Dropout Prevention Network Crystal Star Awards of Excellence Program Winners

The House Next Door-Alpha Program
School Board of Volusia County, FL

Intermediate District 287 Area Learning Center
Minneapolis, MN

Lincoln Alternative Education High School
Enid, OK

1998 National Dropout Prevention Network Crystal Star Awards of Excellence Individual Winners

Raul R. Iribarren
Palm Beach County Schools, FL

Raul is Director of the Department of Federal Programs for Palm Beach County Schools, West Palm Beach, Florida. Since 1994, he has also been responsible for guiding and developing the Dropout Prevention Program for the school district. He has always advocated for all students in the course of his work with special populations. Throughout his many assignments and activities he has sought to facilitate collaborative efforts to meet the needs of students who have dropped out of school or who are at risk of dropping out. He has provided leadership in development of alternative programs for such students. He has consistently contributed to local and statewide reform efforts designed to provide quality learning environments for students in dropout prevention programs. Raul Iribarren has evolved in the dropout prevention arena to become a leader at both the state and national level. Aside from being a presenter at both the state and national dropout prevention conferences, he has organized the state of Florida Dropout Prevention Technical Assistance Meetings as the President of the Florida Association of Alternative School Educators. His work has positively impacted the lives of students, teachers, parents, and co-workers. Raul is an asset to the National Dropout Prevention Network.

Virginia Price Masingill
Deland High School, FL

Virginia is a teacher on the faculty of Deland High School, Volusia County School District, Deland, Florida. She was nominated by her principal for her positive attitude and love for her students and profession. These are reflected in the outstanding quality of the Infant-Toddler Development Program that she directs. Under her leadership as director, the Infant-Toddler Development Program has moved from a teen parenting state pilot initiative in 1990 to a full fledged state licensed child care center, considered a model program in 1997. Ms. Masingill works with teen parents in the development of their parenting skills and assists them in staying on task in their classes. She believes that inspiring a love of learning in others begins with helping others to foster and encourage a positive self-esteem in each student.

Diane L. Stultz
Worcester County, MD

Diane is a teacher in the Maryland Tomorrow Bridges Classroom, a centrally located alternative classroom that draws students from each of three high schools in Worcester County, Maryland. Over the past ten years, she has developed a program that not only changed the lives of her students but influenced the total system’s philosophy of alternative education. The Bridges Program initially only received students who had been expelled from a local high school. Diane Stulz convinced principals that Bridges could offer an alternative to not only the disruptive student, but students suffering from a severe lack of motivation, irregular attendance patterns, or other behaviors that impede educational progress. Bridges’ students may be in any grade from nine through twelve and bring with them a variety of schedules. Diane Stulz provides an individualized plan for each student. Based on her experience, the Bridges Program now offers students individual, group, and parental counseling, in addition to an academic component.

1998 Crystal Star Award of Excellence Distinguished Leadership and Service

Andy Carruthers
Glen Shields Public School, Canada

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