The National Dropout Prevention Network and BrightBytes Form Strategic Alliance

Clemson, SC (September 15, 2015) — The National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN) and BrightBytes have formed a strategic alliance as part of the organizations’ shared commitment to help reduce the nation’s dropout rates, and to enable students to graduate from high school ready for college and career.

Through the NDPN and BrightBytes partnership, the two will inform stakeholders on the application of analytics to student data, collaborate on regional and national forums and conferences dedicated to sharing effective dropout reduction strategies, and work to improve student outcomes toward graduation and beyond.

“Our collaboration with BrightBytes enhances what our Network is dedicated to every day, and that is providing teachers, counselors,, and school districts with effective, research-based solutions to help eliminate dropout, including identification and support of at-risk students,” said Dr. Sandy Addis, Director of the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N). “The tools BrightBytes has developed to identify risk factors and intervene with appropriate support and resources at an early stage are of critical importance to reducing dropout.”

BrightBytes is a learning analytics organization focused on providing data solutions that improve learning outcomes for students in schools worldwide. Their Clarity platform—used by 1 in 5 schools, and in 40 states across the U.S.—translates complex analysis and cutting-edge research into fast actions that drive outcomes. The tech company’s awards include Most Promising EdTech Startup in 2014 by the Global EdTech Startup Competition, and the 2015 EdTech Trendsetter Award for Clarity.

“I have long admired the work and mission of the NDPC/N,” said Rob Mancabelli, BrightBytes’ CEO, and a long-time educator. “BrightBytes shares the Network’s commitment to increasing high school graduation rates through research and evidence-based solutions, and I look forward to working together to ensure that every student graduates high school ready for college and career.”

According to research by NDPC/N, dropping out of school is usually the result of a long process of disengagement that can begin even before a child enters school. BrightBytes’ Early Warning module, informed through a partnership with Mazin Education, can accurately identify at-risk students as early as kindergarten so that there is sufficient time to implement interventions and avert a potential dropout outcome.

About the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N)

Established in 1986 with a mission to reduce dropout rates, the NDPC/N shares solutions for student success and dropout prevention through its clearinghouse function, active research and evaluation projects, publications, and a variety of professional development activities and conferences. The organization’s Web site——is the nation’s leading resource in providing effective, research-based solutions to engaging students and reducing dropout. The NDPC/N is housed in the Eugene T. Moore School of Education at Clemson University in Clemson, SC.

About BrightBytes

BrightBytes’ cutting-edge analytics platform gathers research from the best experts in the world, and creates evidence-based frameworks that help educational leaders make better decisions for students. The company’s flagship platform, Clarity, makes research and analysis simple, fun, and actionable. More information about BrightBytes can be found at


Contacts for Media:

Mark Cheatham
Public Information Director
National Dropout Prevention Center/Network
Phone: (864) 656-4139

Sue Hanson
PR with Panache!
Phone: (763) 657-0987

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The National Dropout Prevention Network and BrightBytes Form Strategic Alliance | Story from Tech & Learning | September 15, 2015

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