National Dropout Prevention Center Joins National Innovation Initiative

The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) has found that a concentrated, leadership-driven focus on overarching student outcome goals produces improved graduation rates of local school systems.  For that reason, NDPC encourages local school districts to join the 2018-19 Innovation and Transformational Leadership Network offered by the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and to consider focusing local district goals on addressing the local dropout issue.

AASA, the nation’s School Superintendents Association, has partnered with the Successful Practices Network (SPN) led by Dr. Bill Daggett to provide a year of personal and virtual support to a limited number of local school districts which, during a 12-month period, will identify and deliver laser focus on a few high-priority local goals.  During the year of participation in AASA’s Innovation and Transformational Leadership Network, five-person leadership teams of each district will interact directly with national thought leaders like Dr. Bill Daggett, Ray McNulty, and others to identify high-impact goals and to leverage resources and research-based practices to achieve those goals.

NDPC, a subsidiary of SPN, will support these school districts by hosting Network meetings in conjunction with national dropout prevention events, working with AASA and SPN leaders to develop and deliver professional learning to meet local district needs, and provide research, resources, and tools to participating school leaders.

“AASA’s Innovation and Transformational Leadership Network is an ideal and cost-effective way for system leaders to collaborate with national leaders, identify critical local needs, and leverage high-impact resources to improve student outcomes,” said Dr. Sandy Addis, Director of the National Dropout Prevention Center.  “This is an excellent opportunity for school districts and we anticipate improved student outcomes, including higher graduation rates, for those that chose to participate.  AASA and national leaders like Dr. Bill Daggett and Ray McNulty are known to provide cutting-edge support for local school leaders and NDPC is pleased to be part of this work.”

School leaders may access detailed information at the link or by contacting Deb Light, Program Director, at 518-723-2051 or

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