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Apex Learning

1215 Fourth Ave. Suite 1500
Seattle, WA 98161
Contact Information
Ms. Rachel A Preyss
State Approvals Specialist

Program Specifications


Prevention, Intervention, Recovery/Reentry

Age/Grade Level:

High School, Adult, Middle School





Target Settings:

Rural, Urban, Suburban, Inner City, Tribal

Target Groups:

Individuals, Clusters/Groups, Grade Level, School Wide

Other Participation Criteria:



Nearly two decades ago Apex Learning emerged as a leader in digital learning for secondary education. Recognizing the challenges schools face in meeting the needs of every student — from those struggling to stay on track for graduation to those capable of accelerating their learning — the company continues to develop innovative, digital learning solutions to support teachers and provide students with the opportunity to excel beyond their expectations. Today Apex Learning offers a comprehensive catalog of rigorous, standards-based online courses that meet high school graduation requirements. Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses are used by schools nationwide for both initial credit and credit recovery. The company’s latest digital learning solution —Tutorials — are a key component of effective blended learning, providing classroom teachers with the critical resources they need to meet the needs of all students including preparation for high stakes assessments, targeted intervention and just-in-time remediation and enhanced instruction for all students.

Program Descriptors Include:

Academic Improvement, Adult Education, Bi-lingual/ESL, Career Education, Charter School, Computer Assisted Instruction, Credit Recovery, Extended-School/Summer Program, GED, Literacy Development, Students with Disabilities, Study Skills, Virtual Learning, Alternative Education, Transition Program, Ninth Grade Academy, Small Learning Communities

Program Rating:

Strong Evidence

Starting Year:


Students Served Per Year:


Last Verified:

December 16th, 2016

Strategies for Locating Students:


Reenrolled Students with Disabilities:


Risk Factors

Program addresses the following:

Individual Factors

  • Has a learning disability or emotional disturbance
  • High number of work hours
  • Parenthood
  • High-risk peer group
  • High-risk social behavior
  • Highly socially active outside of school
  • Low achievement
  • Retention/overage for grade
  • Poor attendance
  • Low educational expectations
  • Lack of effort
  • Low commitment to school
  • No extracurricular participation
  • Misbehavior
  • Early aggression

Family Factors

  • Low socioeconomic status
  • High family mobility
  • Low education level of parents
  • Large number of siblings
  • Not living with both natural parents
  • Family disruption
  • Low educational expectations
  • Sibling(s) has dropped out
  • Low contact with school
  • Lack of conversations about school

School Factors

  • Limited resources: expenditures per student/ teacher salaries/ student-teacher ratios
  • School size: too small/too large
  • Race/ethnicity
  • School math achievement
  • Student engagement

Community Factors

  • Family composition/socioeconomic status
  • Local labor market/neighborhood stability
  • Youth social attitudes

Protective Factors

Program promotes the following:


  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility


  • Comprehensive diagnostic systems
  • Personalized instruction and learning
  • Rigorous and relevant instruction
  • Academic support

Program Resources

Annual Cost:

The annual cost range of the program is $25,000 - $100,000 or less than $500 per student.

Funding Sources Include:

Federal, State, Local/City/County, District

Program Staff Includes:

Teachers, Counselors, Parents, School Administrators, Graduation Coaches, Volunteers

Materials Used:

Computer/Internet Based

Supporting/Partner Organizations:

Evaluation Information

Description of Program Impact:
Apex Learning is committed to delivering digital curriculum that increases student learning and outcomes, and supporting district partners in implementing programs that achieve their goals and objectives. Proven outcomes achieved by school districts across the country include increased graduation rates, decreased dropout rates, graduating more at-risk students on time, and performing at or above average on state and national exams. A sampling of these achievements includes: Houston Independent School District, TX • Increased graduation rate by 7.5% points • Reduced dropout rate to 10.8% over 5 years Sarasota County Schools, FL • Reduced dropout rate by 1/2 Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp, IN • Additional 6% of the senior cohort graduated on time • Apex Learning students outperformed peers on EOC exams, scoring in the 51.2 percentile vs. 48.8 percentile Dorchester School District, SC • 44 percentile point gain for credit recovery students on state exams

How Evaluation Data Was Collected:
Data collected and analyzed at school/district level
Outside experimental studies

Additional Evaluation Information: