Member Benefits & Levels

Membership Benefits

We appreciate our Network members and provide the following benefits.

  • A 20% discount on most regularly priced NDPC publications.
  • Subscription to the monthly electronic newsletter—Dropout Prevention Update.
  • Preferred program placement in all NDPC conferences and institutes upon request.
  • Subscription to the quarterly topical print publication—National Dropout Prevention Center Newsletter.
  • Subscription to the biannual print research journal—The Journal of At-Risk Issues.
  • Early access to NDPC’s online journal—ENGAGE: The International Journal of Research and Practice on Student Engagement.
  • Discounted registration fees for selected conferences and institutes, as announced, as well as special invitations to events.
  • Courtesy copies of selected publications and materials as they are developed.

Knowledge that you are supporting for yourself and others unlimited access to NDPC website information, including the following services: Database of research-based model programs; database of National Dropout Prevention Specialist Program completers; the latest statistics, news, effective strategies, and risk factor information; and monthly, up-to-date, and highly relevant webcasts, including Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

Professional Publications and Resources

Discover new resources to increase your effectiveness! The National Dropout Prevention Center publishes a variety of resources to assist educators and other practitioners concerned about our youth at risk. Network members receive complimentary copies of new releases as well as 20% off the purchase of most publications in our store.

  • The quarterly National Dropout Prevention Newsletter and two biannual journals, The Journal of At-Risk Issues and ENGAGE: The International Journal of Research and Practice on Student Engagement, keep members up-to-date on current research and practice in the field.
  • The Effective Strategies for School Improvement Series includes research-based practitioner guidebooks based on the 15 most effective approaches to dropout prevention.
  • The Linking Learning With Life Series is composed of service-learning guidebooks and videos on a wide variety of topics for youth, educators, and community leaders.
  • Books for teacher educators, staff development games, and materials for students are also available. For a complete order form contact the Center or browse our publications section.

Overview of NDPC Membership Levels

  • Student – Full-time Graduate or Undergraduate – $45/year (U.S. Currency)
  • Individual – $85/year (U.S. Currency)
  • Institutional – Basic Package – $295/year (U.S. Currency)
  • Institutional – Premier Package – $600/year (U.S. Currency)

Refer to the Membership Chart on the Membership Application for a detailed comparison of the benefits for each level.

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