The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) is a membership organization created in response to the national need to share information about the issue of youth at risk and dropout prevention.

NDPC offers individual, group, retiree, and student membership in the National Dropout Prevention Center. Center members receive a wide range of publications, newsletters, research reports, event updates, and discounts on NDPC fees and services. Center membership places practitioners in direct contact with both NDPC personnel and practitioners across the nation and maintains staff focus on the importance of improved graduation rates.

National Dropout Prevention Center Member Levels

  • Retiree/Student ($25.00)
  • Individual ($99.00)
  • Group 5+ (Discounted individual rate multiplied by number of people; $75.00 per person)
  • Group/Custom -Customize a membership package tailored to your school or district initiatives. Can include Consulting Days, Dropout Prevention Certification, Trauma Skilled Model Training, WE Surveys and other miscellaneous projects.
  • Associate /Sponsor- Contact us for details.

Membership Term duration is one calendar year.  Active membership is defined as the membership period in which members are in Good Standing (as defined below). Expiration Date is defined as the date on which SPN membership is valid through. Upon expiration, member benefits will be stopped, and access to SPN content will be limited.

  •  In Good Standing: Member has completed their initial or renewal membership purchase and has not reached their expiration date.
  •  Payment Pending: An individual’s member payment has not processed or has not been completed. These individuals are not active members in good standing, and their membership term has not yet started.
  •  Past Due: If the expiration date has passed and a member has not renewed, a member’s standing will show ‘Past Due’ up to 60 days past the expiration date.
  •  Terminated: Membership lapsed more than 60 days.
  •  Cancelled: Member elected to terminate their membership by contacting SPN.

Only one person may use the email address and password associated with a membership account.

SPN accepts payment via all major credit cards, personal check. We reserve the right to reject any order or purchase at any time.

Billing of One-Year Membership Terms
Membership is billed at the initiation of the membership process. Once we charge or debit your payment method, your membership is considered active for one calendar year from your join date.

SPN reserves the right to change annual membership dues. Members will receive notification of changes though the SPN website and in the annual email notification.

Cancellation and Refunds of Membership
Membership can be cancelled at any time, but all membership dues will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.

Cancellations by SPN: We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership for any reason, with or without notice and without further obligation. You will not be entitled to a refund in these circumstances. We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion.

Membership Application

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