Lisa Sutton

Lisa Sutton is currently the Dean of Students serving students at Swain East and West Elementary in Bryson City NC.  She began her career in education as a substitute teacher and cafeteria worker.  She later became a full-time teacher assistant and went back to college seeking a degree in education.  

Ms. Sutton taught in the classroom for 5 years and while teaching attained her Master’s Degree in Library Science.  After several years in the library she began working on her degree in Administration and started serving as Dean of Students.  

In each of Ms. Sutton’s jobs, the center of her role will always be the students, families and teachers she works with.  Ms. Sutton’s community is built around strong relationships and she love her community and their families.  She is from this area and while she did live in an adjoining county for 15 years, when she moved back she quickly became reacquainted with her community.  

In the position she holds in her school, the amount of hurt and trauma she sees makes her want to be all she can be for her families and staff.

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