The Diploma-Minded Principal

Schools achieve what they set out to achieve. The National Dropout PreventionCenter seeks to help schools and communities graduate more students and is proudto present a full-day professional learning experience designed to help schoolleaders create conditions conducive for success.

Principals, Assistant Principals and other school leaders will be challenged to become “Diploma-Minded”, utilizing the research of the center to enhance theirwork in helping students graduate from our schools.

Participants in this program will enjoy the interactive nature of the day’s work, led by National Principal of the Year (2009) Dr. Mark Wilson. Participants will leave the event with a set of actions with which to move forward, an understanding of the NDPC research, and practical applications to help students be successful.

The Diploma-Minded Principal will focus on the practical application of the NDPC’s

Fifteen Effective Strategies in Reducing Dropouts. Those who participate will leavewith valuable “how-to’s” that can be used right away, as well as an understanding of the long-term processes and how to get them started.

School leaders from all school-levels are encouraged to attend these sessions and become more “diploma -minded” together!

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