Mentoring for All Youth: Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation


This seminar, usually lasting a minimum of three hours, provides institutional leaders with the essential guidelines needed for a comprehensive mentor program for all youth. The seminar is based on the Elements of Effective Practice (2003) developed by the MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership, and includes basic elements for program design and planning, program management, program operations, and program evaluation.


As a strategy for helping young people stay in school, or to be more successful in life, mentoring works and the research evidence is sound. Materials and resources are plentiful to help plan, implement, and evaluate programs, but many programs remain unstructured and unsuccessful because leaders are unaware of these valuable guidelines and resources. This seminar provides the guidelines, structures, and helpful hints to build and operate a successful mentor program for all youth.

Seminar Program

This seminar provides the content materials needed by a local planning group or program manager for the design, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive mentor program for youth. The objectives for this seminar are:

  1. To provide a basic guideline to program planners and managers to plan and launch a mentor program;
  2. To provide parameters, checklists, and materials to ensure programs are well-designed, managed, and responsive to the overall mentor program goals and objectives; and
  3. To demonstrate and share selected successful tools and techniques of different types of successful mentoring programs.

The seminar format, depending on time available, may include self-assessments, information sharing, group discussions, handout materials, use of visual displays, role-play exercises, and a question and answer period.

To schedule a seminar, contact John Gailer at the National Dropout Prevention Center Network: 864-656-2675, or via email to

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