2017 Reaching the Wounded Student Conference


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Join us for the 2017 Reaching the Wounded Student Conference: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Helping Youth Beyond At-Risk presented by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network and Hope 4 The Wounded, LLC Educational Seminars.  The conference is the perfect staff development event for school/district https://dropoutprevention.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/C.W.-Gardenhire-pic.jpgistrators, teachers, counselors, community and faith-based youth practitioners.

Many young people today carry wounds with them as they head out to school each day, interact with friends and family, and experience life in their communities.  These wounds are the result of trauma, many times experienced in the form of poverty, abuse, violence, loss, and family dysfunction.  Research shows that this trauma has a direct effect on cognitive function, emotional health, and interpersonal capacity.  Educators, counselors, https://dropoutprevention.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/C.W.-Gardenhire-pic.jpgistrators, and youth practitioners can implement trauma-informed policies and approaches to their work that not only move wounded youth toward healing, but have a positive effect on overall student achievement and performance.


Conference Strands

School Safety
School Resource Officers, School Administrators, Counselors, and other professionals are invited to share effective strategies and programs that promote a physically and emotionally safe learning environment. Anti-Bullying initiatives are welcome.

Emotional Literacy
Effective programs and adopted vision/mission statements geared towards cultivating empathetic and compassionate connections (teacher-student, student-student, school-community, etc.) and its impact on the learning process.

Counseling/Therapeutic Insights
Counselors and practitioners are invited to submit proposals geared towards understanding child development and the effects of trauma on that development and learning.

Creating Community
Effective strategies for developing an inviting, respectful, and inclusive culture be it in the classroom, building, or extracurricular group setting where everyone feels they are contributing members.

Learning/Academic Achievement
Creative teaching strategies that engage and motivate students, inspiring confidence and recognition of one another’s unique strengths and abilities.

Practitioner Health and Well-Being
School/System Administrators, Counselors, and other professionals are encouraged to share programs, practices, and approaches that are effective in maintaining the emotional and physical well-being of those who work with students affected by trauma and may experience secondary trauma as a result of that interaction.

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