AdvancePath Academics & National Dropout Prevention Center/Network Partnership

CLEMSON, SC – AdvancePath Academics, Inc., a leading provider of K-12 alternative education solutions, and the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N), the nation’s leader in school dropout prevention resources, have launched a School Service Partnership.

The agreement reflects the shared mission of both organizations to provide enhanced academic and life opportunities for disengaged and disenfranchised students. The partnership will focus on research and solutions related to the multiple factors affecting student success.

“The dropout problem in the United States continues to create major challenges for education, communities, and societies as a whole, especially among minority populations,” said John Murray, Chairman and CEO of AdvancePath. “Despite many years of visibility, the dropout numbers remain high, and are expected to continue to do so unless we can unite the resources and creativity of the private sector in partnership with the know-how and dedication of public education. Education is a societal issue. We’re all in this together.”

The partnership between NDPC/N and AdvancePath will provide additional momentum to work in dropout prevention and recovery, in addition to collaborating in the national forum on issues affecting student success. Founded in 1986 and headquartered on the Clemson University campus in Clemson, South Carolina, the NDPC/N provides research and effective, evidence-based solutions that can be utilized by schools, districts, and communities in their efforts to decrease dropout and increase graduation rates nationally.

“Our collaboration with AdvancePath Academics is a natural progression for NDPC/N, and will build upon our common goal to identify and share innovative and actionable solutions to dropout prevention and recovery that can be utilized by teachers, schools, and school districts throughout the country,” said Dr. Sandy Addis, Executive Director of NDPC/N.

AdvancePath identifies issues affecting student performance and provides innovative, in-school or in-district solutions as district educational options. AdvancePath uses research-based and validated socio-emotional assessments that deliver an early warning of students’ academic and life challenges as well as the necessary interventions, teacher professional development, and student resiliency development. The AdvancePath Academy model utilizes creative but practical, research-based applications to combat the issues impacting student engagement and attendance. Each student receives an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to deploy appropriate individual, one-to-one, and small group instruction.

The work of AdvancePath has been recognized as a model program and was recommended in 2009 by the California State Attendance Review Board. In 2012, AdvancePath received the National Dropout Prevention Network’s Crystal Star Award in recognition of its at-risk intervention and dropout recovery program, and was subsequently identified as one of the organization’s Model Programs.

In 2013 AdvancePath’s programs were nationally accredited by AdvancED with high ratings—92% academic success, 85% college and career readiness, 84% parent satisfaction, and 90% teacher satisfaction. Having successfully worked with over 26,000 students to date, AdvancePath Academies demonstrate that all students can learn and succeed, when the instructional and behavioral supports provide an environment matched to the needs of young learners.


About AdvancePath Academics, Inc.

AdvancePath Academics provides an award-winning solution for recovering disengaged, at-risk youth, with services and products for K-12 schools and school districts. AdvancePath operates in-school middle and high school academies, whole school alternative schools, as well as offering consultative and design services developing blended learning environments. AdvancePath also provides a research-based, socio-emotional assessment and predictive analytics tool with related student resiliency curricular materials and teacher training. At the core of the AdvancePath model is the belief that all students have individual learning styles, and needs and that not all students are best suited to the traditional mainstream high school environment.


About the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network

The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N) was begun in 1986 to serve as a clearinghouse on issues related to dropout prevention, and to offer strategies designed to increase the graduation rate in America’s schools. Over the years, the NDPC/N has become a well-established national resource for sharing solutions for student success. It does so through its clearinghouse function, active research and evaluation projects, publications, and through a variety of professional development activities. In addition, the NDPC/N conducts a variety of third-party evaluations and Program Assessment and Reviews (PARs). By promoting awareness of successful programs and policies related to dropout prevention, the work of the Network and its members has made an impact on education from the local to the national level.


Contacts for Media: 

Leslie Werner
Marketing Services Manager
AdvancePath Academics
Phone: (757) 208-0900

Mark Cheatham
Public Information Director
National Dropout Prevention Center/Network
Phone: (864) 656-4139

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