2016 National Forum on Dropout Prevention: Serving Native Students and Tribal Communities

The Impacts of Lifelong Learning

This presentation will discuss why learning is so vital to returning Native people back to their innate greatness. Three different areas of learning will be identified and how they can be utilized to benefit all areas of life including self-worth. This presentation will also address what we should learn and what motivates and prevents us from progressing twoard a meaningful future. It will also examine how our attitudes affect our capacity as well as our ability to work with and relate to people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Going Forward Without Forgetting

Consuelo Kickbush focuses on reflecting on one’s traditions and values of times past and their importance in our development and growth today. Appreciation of diverse cultures and their contributions to today’s society is emphasized. We can “go forward without forgetting” what a rich heritage our cultures offer, and apply underappreiated ethics and values to today’s world. The issues of self-esteem and leadership styles are presented in a context in which the past is melded with the present and offers alternatives we can use in our personal development that will enhance our leadership styles. This is especially relevant to professionals going into the 21st century with a renewed spirit to meet new challenges, pursue higher educaitonal opportunities, and to cherish the joys of living in today’s world!

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