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Join the growing number of practitioners who are Certified National Dropout Prevention Specialists by enrolling in the National Dropout Prevention Specialist (NDPS) Certification Program for educators and at-risk youth workers. Certified Dropout Prevention Specialists complete a professional learning program founded in the Center's 15 Effective Dropout Prevention Strategies, document their experience by completion of a job-embedded field project, and serve as a national resource for others who work with at-risk youth.

Click here to meet the Certified Dropout Prevention Specialists, to learn from their work, and to access their Field Project Report.

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Grant Support


Grant Project Components

The National Dropout Prevention Center offers a variety of cost-effective project components and supports that can be written into grants to strengthen your proposal, increase the likelihood of project success, and achieve long-term sustainability beyond grant funding. Review our list of grant project components or contact the National Dropout Prevention Center for assistance.

Model Programs for Grants

The National Dropout Prevention Center's (NDPC's) Model Programs Database provides proven interventions for replication and inclusion in dropout prevention and school improvement grants. Proposals that replicate NDPC Model Programs are competitive and have high likelihood of achieving desired student outcomes. Visit the Model Programs Database or contact the National Dropout Prevention Center for assistance.


Position Papers on School Dropout Prevention Research to Practice Recommendations

Four Position Papers Underscore Importance of Adapting Strategies to Fit Student Populations

Why Do Students Drop Out


Several large longitudinal studies include questions asked of high school dropouts related to reasons for dropping out of school.

See some of the most frequent reasons reported over the last several decades in this NDPC article.

"Why Do Students Drop Out?"

15 Effective Strategies Online Courses




NDPC offers online courses in each of the 15 research-based Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention. The 15 Effective Strategies are formally adopted by numerous states and school systems as highest-impact interventions for graduation rate improvement.


NDPC Headlines

July 16, 2018

National Dropout Prevention Center Joins National Innovation Initiative

The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) has found that a concentrated, leadership-driven focus on overarching student outcome goals produces improved graduation rates of local school systems.  For that reason, NDPC encourages local school districts to join the 2018-19 Innovation and Transformational Leadership Network offered by the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and to consider… Read more »

June 13, 2018

Nation’s Leading School Improvement Non-Profits Join Forces

Nation’s Leading School Improvement Non-Profits Join Forces  National Dropout Prevention Center Merges With Successful Practices Network Anderson, SC—(June 13, 2018)—The states of South Carolina and New York have formally approved the merger of two nationally recognized non-profit organizations that have historically guided and supported much of the nation’s school improvement efforts. This merger brings together… Read more »

May 2, 2018

National Dropout Prevention Network Board Member Chosen to Helm Nationwide Education Company

National Dropout Prevention Network Board Member Chosen to Helm Nationwide Education Company Stuart Udell, Longtime Board Member, Now CEO of Achieve3000 Anderson, SC—(May 2, 2018)—Stuart Udell, longtime National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN) Board member and former Board Chair, has been named the Chief Executive Officer of Achieve3000, a company that developed an advanced online model… Read more »

From the Web

June 30, 2018

Preventing dropouts among pregnant, parenting students Programs work to ensure education for young people amid big challenges

During her sophomore year of high school, Leslie Belmontes found out she was pregnant.

Not feeling like she could continue at her traditional high school, Northglenn High, Belmontes transferred to New American School in Thornton for her junior year. She thought the non-traditional school would be a better choice for her to continue her education while she prepared to become a mother.

But after giving birth to her son, Aaron, during winter break, a lack of support from school staff, babysitting needs and additional medical attention for her son, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome and a heart murmur, made Belmontes feel that she couldn’t go to school anymore.

She became part of the 90 percent of pregnant and parenting teens to drop out of school, according to the National Dropout Prevention Center.

March 26, 2018

How a failing Atlanta school cut its student turnover rate by nearly half

CBS News | Our continuing series, What’s Working, looks at the innovations that are paying off in America, from education to infrastructure and more. Research finds that when students change schools they’re more likely to be less engaged, which could lower their grades and increase the risk they will drop out of high school. Students generally lose about three months of reading and math with each transfer. A promising new program for low-income students and their families at an Atlanta school has cut the student turnover rate by nearly half.

Innovative Solutions for Improved Graduation Rates

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