Your Support Matters

Two out of every 10 students drop out of school. That means in any pre-K class of 25 students, five of those children will never walk across a stage or field to accept their high school diplomas. In some areas and among some populations, that number is even higher. Alarmed? Most people are. What is even more troubling is that we know what it takes to correct this national crisis, but we can’t do it without your help. Over 30 years of research and practice, the National Dropout Prevention Center has developed solutions to the dropout problem and has supported schools, districts, and states to resolve this crisis. In a recent example, the Center’s ten-year support of a school district was associated with improving the graduation rate from 56% to 94%.

Why haven’t all of our nation’s schools and communities made this kind of graduation rate progress? The problem is complex and spreads across 50 states and over thousands of school districts. The tools, resources, and research of the National Dropout Prevention Center have not yet reached them all. Delivery of the resources needed to solve our nation’s dropout crisis requires people delivering the message, in person and through web-based professional development; publications; special-topic trainings; and communications with hun-dreds of thousands of educators and community leaders.

For the past 30 years, the National Dropout Prevention Center’s development and distribution of resources has been funded by grants, contracts, contributions, and the support of Clemson University. The volume of assistance to schools, districts, and states, and improvement in graduation rate outcomes has only been defined and limited by the funding available for the work.

In 2016, the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network’s 25-member Board of Directors, a national group of public and private sector leaders in dropout prevention, is taking a bold step to help tens of thousands more students graduate and live better lives. During October, National Dropout Prevention Month, Board members are requesting tax-exempt contributions from organizations and individuals to support and expand this important dropout prevention work.

The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network’s Board of Directors asks you to celebrate National Dropout Prevention Month by contributing to this important cause. Your contribution will support and expand the services of the nation’s oldest and most utilized dropout prevention agency, generate more assistance to increased numbers of schools, districts, and communities, and most importantly, result in more high school graduates.