Donna T. Smith

Specialist Certification ProgramDonna Tobin Smith is currently the literacy specialist at Davidson County High School, an alternative school in Lexington, North Carolina, where she has served in that position since 2010. She began her teaching career in 1979 in Gaston County, NC, as a first- and second-grade teacher and worked in Gaston County until her first son was born in 1982. Later she served as the reading specialist at Central Davidson Middle School for 8 years before becoming the lead teacher at Central Middle for 3 years. She is a regular columnist for The Dispatch, Lexington’s hometown newspaper, and is the author of two books, Muddy Feet on the Narrow Path, and a children’s book called More Than All of It.

Contact Information

Donna T. Smith

Literacy Specialist

Davidson County High School

(336) 242-1459


Field Project
Student Advocate/Administrative Specialist Project

Project Location
Lexington, NC


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