NDPC/N Research Reports

The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network makes selected major research reports available online.
student-engagement-150x200Weaving Student Engagement Into the Core Practices of Schools

T. Dary, T. Pickeral, R. Shumer, & A. Williams. National Dropout Prevention Center/Network. Clemson, SC, September 2016.






 A Meta-Analysis of Dropout Prevention Outcomes and Strategies

(A Technical Report in Collaboration with The Center for Educational Partnerships at Old Dominion University). S. L. Chappell, P. O’Connor, C. Withington, & D. A. Stegelin. Clemson, SC: National Dropout Prevention Center/Network. April 2015.





research.exemplaryprograms150x200 Dropout risk factors and exemplary programs: A technical report

Hammond, J. Smink, & S. Drew: National Dropout Prevention Center. D. Linton: Communities In Schools, Inc. May 2007.

This study, conducted by NDPC/N, and sponsored by Communities In Schools Inc., finds that there are multiple risk factors which increase the likelihood that students will drop out. The evidence clearly shows that dropout is often the result of a long process of disengagement that sometimes begins before the child enrolls in kindergarten. The report also provides information on 50 programs that were found to be effective in addressing these risk factors.



reports.ruralschools150x200 Rural School Dropout Issues: Implications for Dropout Prevention—Strategies and Programs   pdf

Smink & M. Reimer: National Dropout Prevention Center/Network. June 2009.

This NDPC/N report was prepared for the Gilmore Foundation, Amory, MS.  It provides a brief overview of national dropout issues— both data and risk factors, with emphasis on those in rural areas—and then focuses on the particular factors that have the greatest impact on students in Mississippi,  presenting the critical challenges for rural areas; and recommending strategies and programs to address the issues discussed.




Programs of study as a state policy mandate: A longitudinal study of the South Carolina Personal Pathways to Success Initiative–Final technical report: Major findings and implications

C. Hammond, S. F. Drew, C. Withington, C. Griffith, C. M. Swiger, C. Mobley, J. L. Sharp, S. Stringfield, N. Stipanovic, & L. Daugherty: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, Louisville, KY, April 2013.