A Training Guide for Mentors

Smink, J. - ISBN: 978-1-933072-29-6

This guidebook provides coordinators with the content that should be included in a comprehensive training program for mentors. It has also been designed to be a reference book for mentors in training.

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Administrator’s Guide to Service-Learning

Wright, J.

A former principal provides suggestions for meeting the challenges of service-learning.

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Alternative Schools: Best Practices for Development and Evaluation

Reimer, M. S., & Cash, T.

The information in this volume serves as an overview of important factors to consider for those seeking new approaches to education of all children in alternative learning environments. Specific ideas are offered for program implementation, accountability for student learning, and quality service provisions. An outline of quality indicators will be useful to those already involved in managing education via alternative schools.

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Athletes Off the Field: A Model for Team Building Leadership Development Through Service-Learning

Haughey, L.

Many school sports teams do community service. Turn this into service-learning and develop your students’ leadership skills.

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Best Practices and Model Truancy Programs

Reimer, M. S., & Dimock, K. N. - ISBN: 978-1-933072-13-5

This publication focuses on those programs, approaches, and strategies that have already demonstrated success. Six critical components of successful truancy intervention programs are identified. This is the first publication in the Truancy Prevention in Action series.

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Beyond the Bully Pulpit: The Mayor’s Role in Dropout Prevention

Lambert, E.M.

Learn how elected officials, in particular mayors, can be engaged in dropout prevention and what school officials and citizens can do to engage their elected officials.

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Bouncing Back

Duckenfield, M., Drew, S., & Flood, R. - ISBN: 1-933072-10-5

Service-learning has the potential to strengthen the protective factors that make young people resilient. This guidebook shows how to maximize the service-learning experience to promote positive youth development.

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Building Authentic Relationships with Youth At Risk

McGrane, G. - ISBN: 978-1-933072-25-3

Authentic relationships between students and educators are important in the process of learning. Building these relationships with disengaged or at-risk students can be difficult at best. This monograph presents an overview of an approach to building authentic relationships based on the experience, insights, and educational background of the author, who is both a principal and a clinical social worker. Building trust as a means to building relationships is presented as the base of this approach. The theory behind it and the five essential strategies to building trust are presented with supplementary resources.

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Closing the Gaps: A Comprehensive Dropout Prevention Plan in a Rural School District

Richardson, I. A., & Turbeville, S. E.

A rural county came together to collectively address the dropout problems facing their school district. With careful analysis of the educational needs of the community, this community collaboration implemented a comprehensive dropout prevention plan, providing others with a powerful model for success.

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Comprehensive School Reform: Common Issues and Lessons Learned for Improving Low-Performing Schools

Duttweiler, P. C.

An overview of the Program Assessment and Review (PAR) process, a model for school improvement, is presented. The New York State Education Department chose this model as part of their dropout prevention initiative for low-performing middle schools. The commonalities of the 12 school districts participating in the project are offered as a perspective on what other districts can do to improve instruction and achievement in their schools.

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