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Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

Wyman Center
600 Kiwanis Drive
Eureka, MO 63025
Contact Information
Felice McClendon
TOPnet Manager

Program Specifications



Age/Grade Level:

Middle School, High School





Target Settings:

Urban, Suburban, Inner City

Target Groups:


Other Participation Criteria:



Wyman's Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is an evidence-based, national youth development program designed to prevent adolescent problem behaviors by helping adolescents age twelve through eighteen develop healthy behaviors, life skills, and a sense of purpose. TOP uses volunteer community service to reduce teen pregnancy, school failure, and school suspension rates among middle and high school students. The program targets males and females who enroll voluntarily into the program in school, after-school or community-based settings. Wyman's TOP has an explicit developmental concentration which focuses the adolescents on establishing their competence and autonomy in a context that maintains their sense of their relationships to important adults, which helps teens understand and evaluate their life options. TOP accomplishes this in three interrelated elements: 1) supervised community service learning 2) weekly group discussions and experiential activities which use the TOP curriculum, Changing Scenes, and 3) consistent guidance and support of adult facilitators. TOP providers ensure a minimum dosage of one session per week for nine months. Each session lasts 1-2 hours. Providers place at least one trained facilitator for each group of teens and a minimum of 20 hours a year of volunteer service for each participant. Volunteer activities are intended to respond to the needs and capacities of both students and local communities. TOP is made available in communities through organizations or schools that contract with and are trained by Wyman to replicate the program in their city, state or sector. These entities are TOP certified replication partners, who take responsibility for the training, fidelity monitoring, and technical assistance of local providers of the program.

Program Descriptors Include:

Academic Improvement, Extra Curricular, Service Learning, Teen Pregnancy, Life Skills Training

Program Rating:

Moderate Evidence

Starting Year:


Students Served Per Year:

Last Verified:

December 3rd, 2010

Strategies for Locating Students:


Reenrolled Students with Disabilities:


Risk Factors

Program addresses the following:

Individual Factors

  • Parenthood
  • Low achievement
  • Misbehavior

Community Factors

  • Youth social attitudes

Protective Factors

Program promotes the following:


  • Opportunities and rewards for pro-social involvement
  • Clear social norms
  • Involvement with positive peer activities


  • Healthy/conventional beliefs and standards

Program Resources

Annual Cost:

The annual cost range of the program is less than $25,000 or less than $500 per student.

Funding Sources Include:

Program Staff Includes:

Teachers, Counselors, Volunteers

Materials Used:

Supporting/Partner Organizations:

Evaluation Information

Description of Program Impact:
Both experimental and quasi-experimental studies have been used to evaluate TOP. Researchers found that the students who worked more volunteer hours had better outcomes than those volunteering for fewer hours. In general, TOP participants, relative to control or comparison groups, were significantly less likely to get pregnant, less likely to fail a course, and less likely to be suspended.

How Evaluation Data Was Collected:
Data collected and analyzed at state or organizational level

Additional Evaluation Information: