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Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)

322 Chapanoke Road
Suite 322
Raleigh, NC 27603
Contact Information
Carleen Wray
Executive Director

Program Specifications



Age/Grade Level:

Elementary, Middle School, High School





Target Settings:

Rural, Urban, Suburban, Tribal

Target Groups:

Individuals, Clusters/Groups, Grade Level, School Wide

Other Participation Criteria:



SAVE'S MISSION AND GOALS SAVE is coordinated by a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization, the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere, but it is still led by students, for students. The National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (National SAVE) strives to decrease the potential for violence in schools and communities by promoting meaningful student involvement, education, and service opportunities in efforts to establish, support, and grow SAVE chapters. National SAVE is dedicated to providing students with the information and resources necessary to make a positive difference in safety efforts in schools and communities. SAVE's goal is to encourage and empower students with life skills while engaging them in educational activities and opportunities to promote good citizenship. SAVE encourages positive peer influences within the school and community through violence prevention efforts. SAVE educates students about the effects and consequences of violence as well as safe activities for students, parents, and the community. SAVE engages students in meaningful violence prevention efforts within their school and community. SAVE empowers youth with knowledge and skills necessary to provide service to their community and school.

Program Descriptors Include:

Behavior Management/Discipline, Bullying/Violence, Substance Abuse

Program Rating:

Strong Evidence

Starting Year:


Students Served Per Year:


Last Verified:

August 27th, 2010

Strategies for Locating Students:


Reenrolled Students with Disabilities:


Risk Factors

Program addresses the following:

Individual Factors

  • High-risk social behavior
  • Misbehavior

Family Factors

  • Low contact with school

School Factors

  • Student engagement

Community Factors

  • Youth social attitudes

Protective Factors

Program promotes the following:


  • Presence and involvement of caring, supportive adults
  • Good relationships with parents, peers, and teachers
  • Involvement with positive peer activities


  • Healthy/conventional beliefs and standards


  • Self efficacy


  • Problem-solving skills


  • High expectations by community, family, school, and self

Program Resources

Annual Cost:

The annual cost range of the program is $200,000 - $500,000 or less than $500 per student.

Funding Sources Include:

Donations, Foundations

Program Staff Includes:

Teachers, Counselors, Volunteers, Social Workers, SROs

Materials Used:

Media/CD/DVD, Instructional Texts/Manuals, Computer/Internet Based

Supporting/Partner Organizations:

Allstate Foundation, NOYS, YSA, NYVPW, America's Safe Schools Week, NDPC

Evaluation Information

Description of Program Impact:

How Evaluation Data Was Collected:
Data collected and analyzed at school/district level
Outside experimental studies

Additional Evaluation Information:
Relevant URL: