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National Dropout Prevention Center

Sorry. We tried, but we just couldn't find what you were looking for. (404)

You should know, this site is brand new as of June 6th, 2015, and while we at the NDPC/N have been doing our best to get all our content up and running again, there are still some things missing.

In the coming weeks, we are going to supply the web with an archive.dropoutprevention.org site that will have all of our archived content. Until then, you can look on the Wayback Machine's latest copy of the NDPC's Dropoutprevention.org from April 18th, 2015.

Finally, if you're really in need of what you're looking for, contact us at ndpc@clemson.edu with the URL you couldn't find and we'll try to prioritize the transfer of the content you're looking for.

Please note: The Model Program Database is being moved to its own site, and will be available in a few short weeks.