Member Benefits & Levels

Membership Benefits

We appreciate our Network members and provide the following benefits.

A 20% discount on most regularly priced NDPC publications.
Subscription to the monthly electronic newsletter—Dropout Prevention Update.
Preferred program placement in all NDPC conferences and institutes upon request.
Subscription to the quarterly topical print publication—National Dropout Prevention Center Newsletter.
Subscription to the biannual print research journal—The Journal of At-Risk Issues.
Early access to NDPC’s online journal—ENGAGE: The International Journal of Research and Practice on Student Engagement.
Discounted registration fees for selected conferences and institutes, as announced, as well as special invitations to events.
Courtesy copies of selected publications and materials as they are developed.
Knowledge that you are supporting for yourself and others unlimited access to NDPC website information, including the following services: Database of research-based model programs; database of National Dropout Prevention Specialist Program completers; the latest statistics, news, effective strategies, and risk factor information; and monthly, up-to-date, and highly relevant webcasts, including Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

Professional Publications and Resources

Discover new resources to increase your effectiveness! The National Dropout Prevention Center publishes a variety of resources to assist educators and other practitioners concerned about our youth at risk. Network members receive complimentary copies of new releases as well as 20% off the purchase of most publications in our store.

The quarterly National Dropout Prevention Newsletter and two biannual journals, The Journal of At-Risk Issues and ENGAGE: The International Journal of Research and Practice on Student Engagement, keep members up-to-date on current research and practice in the field.
The Effective Strategies for School Improvement Series includes research-based practitioner guidebooks based on the 15 most effective approaches to dropout prevention.
The Linking Learning With Life Series is composed of service-learning guidebooks and videos on a wide variety of topics for youth, educators, and community leaders.
Books for teacher educators, staff development games, and materials for students are also available. For a complete order form contact the Center or browse our publications section.

Overview of NDPC Membership Levels

Student – Full-time Graduate or Undergraduate – $45/year (U.S. Currency)
Individual – $85/year (U.S. Currency)
Institutional – Basic Package – $295/year (U.S. Currency)
Institutional – Premier Package – $600/year (U.S. Currency)

Refer to the Membership Chart on the Membership Application for a detailed comparison of the benefits for each level.