Early Literacy Development Resources

Early Literacy Development Resources

NDPC Materials

The 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention Online Courses: Overview Course. (2017). National Dropout Prevention Center/Network.

The 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention Online Courses: Early Literacy Development. (2017). National Dropout Prevention Center/Network.

Family Engagement as a Dropout Prevention Strategy. (2015). Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

Using Social Media to Engage Leaners. (2015). Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

Closing the Gaps Through Afterschool and Summer Programs. (2012). Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

Making Sense of Evidence: A Review of Dropout Prevention Strategies. (2014). Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

Poverty and School Success: Challenges and Opportunities with Under-Resourced Students. (2012). Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

The 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention. (2011). Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

Building the Foundation for School Success: Introducing The Parent-Child Home Program. (2010).  Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (2010).  Video: Parent-Child Home Program.

Improving Reading for Academic Success: Strategies for Enhancing Adolescent Literacy. (2009).  Solutions to the Dropout Crisis.

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6 Ways to Improve Reading Comprehension  pdf

Education World, K-8 Reading & Writing
includes lesson plans

Education Week‘s “Special Report on Early Literacy”
collection of articles on early literacy

Increasing Access to High-Quality Early Childhood Education
A state-by-state guide to the The U.S. Department of Educations’s Early Childhood Education Initiative.

International Reading Association

National Council of Teachers of English

The Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL)
assessment model for good writing